Eight reasons why you should invest in dental implants!

Dental Implant

It’s important to replace lost teeth. Without a replacement, the surrounding teeth may start to shift in a position that can affect the appearance of your smile and biting habits. Also, a person with missing teeth may suffer from other dental problems. Whether you want to replace a single tooth or an entire jaw, dental implants in Plymouth can be the best solution. At Advanced Periodontics, we specialize in providing exceptional dental implant service to happy patients. If you wish to have the implants, contact us and book your appointment with our periodontists.

Continue reading this blog to learn about the eight reasons why you should invest in dental implants.

Enhance your appearance

If you have missing teeth and are looking for a way to boost your appearance, dental implants could help. They can even help you replace all the missing teeth so you can smile again confidently. If you have any kind of tooth replacement earlier, dental implants combined with a new restoration can give you a more natural appearance. Having a natural smile can make you attractive. If you wish to improve your facial appearance, you can consider dental implants.

Boost confidence

Do you have missing teeth or a pair of unstable dentures? If so, you might not feel confident while smiling. Getting a dental implant procedure in Livonia can help you regain lost confidence. If you are fed up with going toothless or wearing cheap dentures, you can think of getting dental implants. They can offer a secure foundation for your restorations. You can enjoy smiling and eating, similar to that of natural teeth. This natural feeling and appearance of new teeth can boost your confidence.

Increased durability

It’s a common saying, “you get what you pay for?” You might also have heard this line. Dental implants are nothing different. In general, implants last for 25-30 or more years. Some people enjoy the same implants for a lifetime. While others still need to get implants again within 10 years. It depends on the quality of implants, along with other factors. If you invest in premium quality implants, you invest in increased durability. The average success rate of this procedure is 95%. But make sure you get the procedure of implants done by highly experienced and skilled periodontists.

Enjoy eating foods you love

Do you avoid eating steak, corn on the cob, apples, and various other foods just because of missing teeth? If so, schedule your appointment with the best periodontist to get exceptional dental implant services in Plymouth. Implants can secure your replaced teeth in the jaw. As a result, chewing will feel similar to natural teeth. And you can eat the foods you love to consume. In addition, people with dentures often feel that their dentures will pop out while they chew. With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about them. In short, you can enjoy eating your favorite foods with implants.

Foods taste better

If you wear dentures, you know very well how they’ve changed the food taste. Your mouth has taste buds. And dentures cover your mouth. That means they can easily affect the taste of any food. There is no such problem with dental implants. You can enjoy the real taste of every food as it is with implants.

Improved nutrition

A person without teeth may not be able to enjoy a wide range of foods. His diet may be limited to some foods only. As a result, he may be suffering from nutritional deficiencies. Dental implants allow you to enjoy even crunchy, chewy, and healthy foods. As a result, you can include all the nutritious foods in your diet and stay healthy.

Speak easier

Missing teeth or improperly fitted dentures can even impact how you speak. Sometimes, it results in a lisp. Many people with this problem feel shy talking to their friends or relatives. This can affect their confidence. A dental implant procedure in Livonia can replace your missing teeth and secure restorations in place. As a result, you don’t have to worry about struggling to speak correctly with people.

Retain more bone

Last but not least, you should get dental implants as a solution for missing teeth to retain more bone. When you lose your natural teeth, your jawbone starts to resorb. As a result, your facial structures may begin to sink in. And you may have a saggy face with more wrinkles. With dental implants, your bone will remain stuck around to hold implants in place.

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