Dental Implants vs Bridges – Which is better?

Best dental implants in Michigan

Losing teeth in early childhood is considered good as new adult teeth will replace baby teeth. However, when you lose teeth during adulthood, your smile begins to suffer. Missing teeth can drastically change your appearance for the worst. Opting for dental implants or bridges can resolve these issues. If you are confused between the two, you’re not alone. Reach out to the experts offering the best dental implants in Michigan who can help you choose the right surgery for you.

What is a dental implant?

The underlying structure of a tooth is more complicated than most people think. It includes bone, ligaments, and nerves that can start deteriorating along with the teeth. During a dental implant, the entire structure is replaced with a metal post made of Titanium. After a couple of months, the formation of new bone takes place around the implanted metal. After performing certain tests, the new structure is declared secure, and a crown is sealed at the top of the implant and screwed into place. Best dental implants in Plymouth will inform you about the complications associated with the process before performing your surgery.

Pros of dental implants

The main advantage of dental implant surgery is that the implant can place less stress on the areas surrounding the teeth. All you need is a reliable periodontic professional carrying years of experience in dental implants in Plymouth. The high-quality dental implants are meant to last for a lifetime. Under the recommendation of the dentist, you must follow proper oral hygiene to prevent such issues from taking place.

What is a dental bridge?

Two teeth from opposite ends are shaved down to form a bridge. A cap is placed on the tooth along with the bridge to replace the teeth that are missing. Nowadays, dentists prefer Maryland Bridge or winged that is embedded into the neighboring teeth. This is an effective way to replace missing teeth. One of the biggest obstacles is that they can place a more significant strain on surrounding areas and do not last for a lifetime. Such treatments are not preferred because they do not yield long-lasting results.

Once you have acquired adequate information regarding the process, it will be easy for you to choose the one that matches your needs. Before getting into any dental procedure, always choose someone giving the best dental implants in Plymouth.