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Welcome to our practice website. We congratulate you on taking the first step toward better periodontal health. Your smile is our first priority. Please utilize this website as a resource. It will help you better understand your course of treatment and answer any questions related to periodontal therapy.

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Dental Implants Livonia, Plymouth, Michigan

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Cosmetic Gum Surgery Livonia, Michigan

When recession of the gingiva occurs, the body loses a ...

Gum Graft Surgery Plymouth, Michigan

Your smile is an important part of your appearance. And ...

Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning) Livonia, Michigan

Preventative care is a foundation of dentistry. The ...

Guided Bone & Tissue Regeneration Livonia, Michigan

Gum disease has traditionally been treated by eliminating the gum ...

Bone Grafting Livonia, Michigan

Bone grafting also known as ridge and sinus augmentation – is ...


I will let Delta Dental and Dr. Bartnicki know that you all are about the money not actually helping patients....Just because everyone can't afford implants you want to transfer to a different t office and keep the deposit for surgery for a cancelation fee......I believe that your office has untoned racist pratices. Lenora Jackson

I was introduced to Advanced Periodontics when my dentist’s office referred me to them on an emergency basis. They squeezed me in to Dr. Kolhatkar’s busy schedule at the end of a very full day. Dr. K and her capable staff took care of me in an unhurried, kind, and professional manner, and I was feeling 100% better when I left the office! I highly recommend this practice, and I am grateful for their excellent care. Carole Halmekangas

Sandra was very helpful and kept me entertained during my procedure Wilma

I had a great cleaning experience at the Plymouth office yesterday. I was afraid, but everything was wonderful, no terrible pain after the cleaning. My hygienist took a lot of time to explain to me what she was doing, and was ever so kind and patient with me. Thanks so much to my hygienist yesterday and to everyone in the office including the wonderful Dr Jacobs. Margie

Cindy did an outstanding job for my regular periodontics cleaning. She want under the gums but did not hurt (amazing). She also explained while cleaning and advised on gum health and maintenance. Appreciate it. Hope to see you at the next appointment. Nand K Kochhar

Cindy did an outstanding job for my regular periodontics cleaning. She want under the gums but did not hurt (amazing). She also explained while cleaning and advised on gum health and maintenance. Appreciate it. Hope to see you at the next appointment. Nand K Kochhar

I would like to start off this review with I am someone who has HIGH anxiety in my day to day life. But I am even more nervous at the dentist. I love getting my teeth cleaned but ANYTHING beyond that sends me into a anxious spiral. My Doctor recommended here simply because he said the DR. would be able to ease me through this surgery. He was not wrong. I would recommend this place 100 times over. Not only did they make sure every step of the way was to my comfort she made sure I knew everything I wanted to know and everything I didn’t. She was beyond patient and made sure every time I came in it was to my comfort. She called and checked in on me throughout the process. Answered my 800 questions and had a lovely assistant who was there every time I came in. If you have anxiety you know how important familiar faces are. Thank you for being so patient and understanding. Brittany Gray

Dr. Kolhatkar and staff were wonderful and caring all the way though my procedure. Dr. Kolhatkar even contacted me personally after to check on my well-being. Susan Zain

Doctor Kolhatkar is a great periodontist! She is so nice and makes you feel comfortable. My mom had her implants done by her and will be going back for some more. Noone loves going to the dentist but I will say that between her staff and dr. Kolhatkar the experience is amazing. The office is not only beautiful but so clean. The staff is always kind and helpful. I will be more than proud to recommend her to anyone looking for a good periodontist. Fiori

I have had two implants done by Dr. Kolhatkar. Yesterday I had a different procedure done. It involved extra bone in my gum line. Dr. Kolhatkar is very professional. She is patient, gentle and explains in detail everything she and her team are going to do. Yesterday Kristi assisted and Dr. Kolhatkar has a very nice Indian woman assisting. I felt very calm knowing I was in good hands with the procedure. I am also impressed with all other staff members. Caring people!! This is the place to have your more involved dental work done. Thank you for your care! paula abair

It was worth the 2 hour drive. I cannot thank Dr. Kolhatkar and staff enough. Being a dentist, I knew my implant case was not going to be easy due less than idea factors involved. Dr. Kolhatkar is truly amazing. She is very skilled and gentle. The outcome was better than I could have dreamed and exceeded my expectations. Her staff was very kind, efficient and accommodating. I would highly recommend Dr. Kolhatkar to anyone. Giuseppa Vitale

I am so grateful for Dr.Kolhatkar. I recently had an extraction and implant done, and had the most amazing experience. She completed this in the most gentle, yet precise way possible. I have never had a better dental experience! She is the best periodontist I have seen, and recommend her to anyone who is looking to get an implant done. I cannot thank her enough! Micheal Saleh

I have had two bone grafting's done. Both times Dr. Bhola and the staff has been a pleasure to work with. The surgery's went very smooth with very little pain.Dr. Bhola is the best!! DORIS TOUCHETTE

Would like to come in for a consultation. Does your office extract teeth? Diane Purcell

This was my first implant experience. I did not know what to expect. Dr. Kolhatkar took very good care of me. She is so gentle and so amazing to do what she does. Her staff is so upbeat and helpful. Every appointment was met with such a good feeling for the patient. The implant was finally put in. Never had pain or swelling. I would recommend Dr. Kolhatkar for anyone needing an implant. Be sure to check out the floral decorations!! Beautiful! Paula Abair

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